-Stainless steel construction in AISI 304, all parts in contact with the product in AISI 316

-Double walled

-Watertight Lid

-Stainless steel hopper to add ingredients from the lid

-Specula with light  to check the internal processing

-Removable mixing blades with wall’s scraper with fixed speed

-Cutter with motor with variable speed

-Liquid ring vacuum pump with suction pipe

-Manometer to control the pressure inside the tank

-Vacuometer to control and regulate the vacuum inside the tank

- Heating through steam with electric or gas generator

- Cooling system of the product

- Washing system to clean the tank

- Electric panel with thermostat to control the product temperature, cutter, vacuum pump and wall’s scraper controls.

- Manual or motorised system to capsize the tank

-Total Exhaust

- Power Supply: 220 or 380 VOLT


Standard capacities: 25LT-40LT-100LT-200LT-300LT-500LT


The capacities can be different according to customer’s request