-          stainless steel construction in AISI 304, all parts in contact with the product in AISI                316

-          security closure

-          Vacuum system with liquid ring pump

-          Removable mixing blades with wall’s scraper

-          Specula with light to check the internal processing

-          Stainless steel Hopper to add ingredients from the lid

-          Nozzle to clean the inside of the tank

-          Total exhaust with stainless steel valve DN 50

-          Digital thermostat to control the product temperature

-          Manometer to control the pressure inside the tank

-          Vacuometer to control and regulate the vacuum inside the tank

-          Certified security valves

-          Heating version: Gas-burner heating

  Steam generator heating (excluded)

  Electrical heating through resistances


Standard capacities: 30LT-50LT-100LT-150 LT


The capacities can be different according to customer’s request