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Code: 170B-P

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The P model volumetric dosing machine on a rotating table is used for dosing small quantities of product. The machine is automatic in that all that is needed is to load the pots onto the rotating table, which guides the pots to the dosing station and then exits filled.

The machine consists of a dosing station and a motorised rotating table that guides the jars to the dosing station. The pneumatic dispenser is installed under the rotating table to reduce the footprint of the machine. By means of a lever positioned on this dispenser it is possible to adjust the quantity of product to be dispensed. The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and is equipped with wheels for easy movement. 

The dosing head is self-priming, i.e. it does not need to have the product in an elevated position. The dosing head is complete with an anti-drip spout and can also dose liquid, dense and creamy products. 

Without the addition of optional extras, the dispensing head can be adapted to various types of jar diameters and heights. 


- dosing capacity: from 100cc to 600cc (for 10 cc a hopper is needed, not included)

- average production: 800 pcs/h

- self-priming dosing unit 

- rotating table Ø 1000 MM approx., motorised 1.5 RPM

- structure entirely of stainless steel with wheels

- need for a 100lt compressor (not included)

- need for a feeding tube (not included) 

- 220V power supply

- absorption 0.18KW

DIMENSIONS: 1200X1000X1150 H TOT. MM

For products other than honey please send a request for a quotation. You will be sent a form to fill in and send to the company in order to verify that the machine is suitable for the requirements expressed. The price may vary in this case during the quotation phase.